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The Solution to "Slippery When Wet"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sure Step and what does it do?

Sure Step is a long lasting chemical treatment which creates an invisible sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain bathtubs, this process eliminates hydroplaning.

What is the difference between an untreated and a treated surface?
An untreated dry surface is relatively safe. Now add a small amount of water and you have dangerously slippery surface. With treatment the floor is in most cases safer wet than dry.

What can the customer expect once the Sure Step Treatment has been applied to their floor or bathtub?

They will experience a new level of safety immediately. It's not a coating or film that must set up or dry. The protection is invisible and protects you 24/7/365.

Who benefits from having this treatment?

Really it's full spectrum: any business, office building, hotel, restaurant, retirement home, spa, fitness club or home. Anywhere the flooring is tile, granite, marble, or other mineral flooring.

Can Sure Step be applied outdoors, like on a patio, sidewalk, or around a pool?

Absolutely! These areas are subjected to water from the pool, sprinklers and rain which make these slip and fall hot spots.

For my business, we have floor mats and use caution cones when we mop the floor, or when we get wet weather, isn't that enough to protect my customers from slipping and falling?

Simple mats can develop ripples and uneven areas and the cone has to be in the exact area of the spill or wet area. Sure Step takes the chance out of it. It protects the entire floor24/7/365, and takes the human error out of the equation.

What type of surfaces will benefit from the Sure Step non-slip process?
Most hard mineral surfaces including porcelain or enameled bathtubs, Quarry Tile, Enameled Porcelain, Ceramic tile, Natural Granite, Natural Marble, Terrazzo Tile and Glazed Brick. We pre-treat all floors prior to the application. This is to determine the hardness of the tile being treated.

Will the Sure Step process change the way my floor looks today?

No, the non-slip treatment is an invisible application; however, the application process will in many cases deep clean the floor making it look better than before the application. Note: On some high gloss flooring such as Marble, a slight reduction in sheen my occur. A pre-test will be performed prior to treating the entire floor.

How does the Sure Step process make my floor or bath tub non-slip?

All mineral surfaces have hard and soft agents. What our product does is settle the soft agents leaving only the hard agents exposed. This treatment creates a sophisticated tread design, which prevents hydroplaning on wet tile floors. Therefore, we have a raised the coefficient of friction into a safe range - wet or dry.

Is the Sure Step treatment a coating?

No, it is not a coating or film. It will not chip, peel or discolor as it is completely invisible.

Will I need to use a special cleaner or chemical after the process?

No, we will analyze your cleaning procedures and make recommendations that will increase the effectiveness of the treatment. In most cases no change is needed. It is more critical in high oil and grease areas.

Will I have to close my business when the Sure Step treatment is being applied?

There is no down time. The floor or bathtub is ready to use immediately after the application. We work our application schedule around your business. Our application specialist will schedule early morning, late evening or any off time that is convenient. Treating a 1000 sq ft area on average will take 2 technicians approximately 2-3 hours to complete. Area is now Safe and ready to use.

What kind of businesses will benefit from an Sure Step non-slip application?

Any and all food service operations, nursing, assisted living and retirement homes, retirement communities, hotels/motels, government buildings, health spas, stadiums, salons, recreational centers, casinos, office buildings and many more.

Will having my floors/bath tubs treated with the Sure Step non-slip treatment help reduce dangerous slip and fall accidents in my establishment?

Yes! Slip and fall accidents are the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths; automobile accidents are number one. Slip and Falls are the number one cause of accidental injuries in hotels, restaurants and public buildings. There are no products or treatments out there that can 100% guarantee no one will ever slip in your place of business. This treatment will Greatly Reduce the Probability of this happening.

Could it help reduce a liability claim against me if someone were injured on my property as a result of a slip and fall accident?

​Yes, a Sure Step treatment can significantly reduce damage awards in Slip & Fall lawsuits because it can be cited in court as proof of due diligence on your behalf.

Is the Sure Step application expensive?

The cost is pennies when compared to the cost of medical expense, lost time and suffering from a slip and fall accident. It is inexpensive and highly effective in reducing slip & fall accidents. We charge by the square foot and we only charge for the areas we treat. A Safety Solution representative would be happy to provide you with a no obligation Non-Slip demo and cost estimate. ‘See Contact Us’ We guarantee you will be amazed by the demo and how inexpensive it is. Call or e-mail us today. The demo itself is worth the call.

How long can I expect the treatment to be effective?

The Sure Step process is a long lasting treatment, which we guarantee your non-slip floor, shower stall or tub for up to 5 years in writing, ask about conditions.

How will I know if the treatment is still effective?

The Safety Solution will send out a reminder notice to schedule a re-check, either by e-mail or USPS. This notice will be sent out 12-13 months after the initial treatment and thereafter.

How long has the Sure Step treatment been around?

The Sure Step treatment has been around since 1993 and is in 54 countries around the world.

More FAQ's - Focus on Residential and Bathtubs.

Does the Sure Step treatment work on fiberglass tubs or showers?
No, The Sure Step treatment is only effective on hard mineral surfaces, however, we have a superior acrylic spray that coats the bottom of the tub with a non slip feet friendly coating. The coating can last 2 or more years.

I have a porcelain bath-shower combination will the Sure Step treatment work on it?

Yes, both porcelain and enameled surfaces will respond well to an Sure Step treatment. The service life of the application is up to 5 yrs. for residential applications. (Commercial 2+ yrs)

Will I need to use a special cleaner after the application?

No, whatever you used before the Non-Slip treatment, continue to use afterwards. However, harsh abrasives such as a scouring pad should never be used, even on untreated tubs.

Why should I have this treatment on my bathtub and/or tile floor?

​The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas of your home. By providing a non-slip surface you are protecting your children, elderly family members, guests and yourself from a possible slip & fall injury. Slip and fall accidents are the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths; automobile accidents are number one.